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Rima Salon & Spa Now Offers Keratin Complex!

Keratin Complex is a superior line of keratin smoothing treatments. Keratin Complex has four different treatment options providing silky smooth hair for all hair types, including severely damaged hair. There is even an option that allows for same-day shampoo, color and styling! All four Keratin Complex options help eliminate frizz so hair looks smoother and healthier without weighing down the hair like other keratin treatments.
Keratin Natural Smoothing Treatment is designed for all hair types and:
  • Reduces curl up to 3 levels
  • Delivers healthy radiant shine
  • Helps repair damaged hair
  • Helps prevent humidity from penetrating the hair shaft and causing frizz
  • Results last up to months

Keratin Natural Smoothing treatment for Blonde Hair (Its not just for Blondes!) It's THE SIGNATURE SMOOTHING SOLUTION FOR FRAGILE HAIR

This keratin treatment delivers the same powerful results as Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment—healthier-looking, more manageable hair with less frizz and curl—with a formula that’s specially designed to nurture and protect damaged, fragile and overprocessed hair.
  • The formula activates at a lower temperature to protect fragile hair
  • Its a soft neutrally tinted treatment that will not compromise the color of blonde, silver or grey hair
  • Deliver healthy looking shine
  • reduces curl up to 3 levels
  • Results last up to 5 months


This versatile smoothing treatment reduces unruly frizz, while offering a unique “Choose Your Finish” option that allows your stylist to select a Same Day Smoother or Curl Controller result depending on your request and hair type. Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System also offers the benefit of no downtime, so you can shampoo and style immediately after treatment.
  • Gives the versatility to style the hair straight, wavy or curly as desired
  • Its ideal for textured hair
  • Provides similar results to traditional keratin treatments without the downtime.
  • Enhances shine, reduces frizz and creates a smooth polished look
  • Results last up to 3 months


This unique hair smoothing treatment for all hair types reduces frizz and curl in just one hour. Its innovative delivery system penetrates hair with keratin, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair without the wait. Express Blow Out is also perfect for spot treatments or quick smoothing touch-ups.
  • Helps eliminate frizz
  • Delivers healthy shine
  • Perfect for quick spot treatment, bangs and problem areas
  •  Hair can be shampooed just 8 hours after treatment
  • Results last up to 6 weeks